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Summer is at the door and with it high temperatures and hot sun. It is high time to consider the working conditions in the rooms where we will skillfully rotate the tweezers.

All eyelash extension adhesives need the right humidity and temperature to work effectively. Each adhesive is developed to work under specific conditions, so taking them into account is a prerequisite for the adhesive to work at all. If the stylist performs the application of extended lashes in conditions that are not within the recommended frames of the glue manufacturer, she can expect that the glue will not work as she would like.

London Lash Pro offers several types of professional adhesives. Every stylist can find the one that suits her in terms of speed and way of working.

So it should not be in our work corner: too hot, too cold, too dry or too humid.

1. TOP tip: The stylist must have control over the humidity and temperature in the room where she performs applications. A thermometer and hygrometer are, so to speak, mandatory equipment so that you can control humidity and temperature and take action as soon as necessary.

Low humidity - if there is higher humidity outside, you can open the window or use a humidifier. Low humidity is problematic especially in winter when we heat. In winter, we can also help ourselves with wet towels on the radiators.

High humidity - use of a dehumidifier.

Temperature control - If possible, keep the rooms air-conditioned - with air-conditioning you will be able to cool or heat the rooms properly.

2. Tip: Storing the glue correctly - Store the glue in a DRY, DARK and COLD place. Direct exposure to sunlight, unfavorable temperature and humidity adversely affect the characteristics of the adhesive. Never store open glue in the refrigerator, even if you think it is an ideal place - dry, dark, cold. The glue can only be refrigerated before first use. Leave it on at room temperature for a couple of hours before opening it. This will prevent condensation from forming in the bottle. Make a note of the date on the glue before the first use - this way you will have control over when it is time to replace the glue, over the consumption itself, and last but not least, this is necessary if you are visited by a health inspector.

Moisture solution: Zip bag / storage container together with rice or silica balls that bind moisture.

It can happen that you store the glue correctly (?), It has not expired, but it becomes a bit "gloopy" in terms of consistency - the glue is thicker and "pulls". In such a case, the reason is too high a temperature.

Solution against direct light: Store the glue in a place where the sun will not "get" it during the day. The direct sun will heat the air in the bottle, which leads to condensation, which we do NOT wantJ. It is best to store the glue in a drawer, box, etc ..

3. Tip: Changing the drop of glue during application - Higher humidity and temperature mean faster drying of the glue. A drop of glue needs to be changed more often. The drops should not touch each other or do not put a fresh drop of glue on the previous one. A larger amount of glue will not stop the drying process. The drop is replaced when we notice that the glue becomes a thicker consistency ("gloopy"). Shake the bottle well (at least 30 seconds before each use) before squeezing out a drop of glue.

4. Tip: The problem of durability of extension cords can also be the sequence of installation of the extension cord. It is first necessary to insulate the natural eyelash, then help the extension into the glue and in the last step apply it to the insulated eyelash. The glue may otherwise partially dry while we try to insulate the lashes. The glue crystallizes before the connection between the extension and the natural eyelash is established.  

If one or two clients have problems with the durability of the lashes, while the other clients have problems with the durability of the office, then the problem may be on their side. Eyelash care itself is also a very important factor - despite customers claiming to work with lashes all according to instructions - believe me, this is not always the case.   

Dear stylists, take tweezers in hand and prepare well for the hot summer.   


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