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Eyelashes in most cases grow in three levels. We divide them into lower, middle and upper level. There are cases where the lashes are only in one level or even more - four or five levels. Appropriate lash mapping and the application of extensions are required for the smooth running of the outer lash line. For pronounced eyelash levels, it is best to apply the extensions from the bottom in the upper level, from the sides (left or right) in the middle level and from the top in the lower level. Also, note that you are giving slightly shorter extensions in the upper level than in the lower level. So if you are applying 11mm length lashes in the lower level, then use 10mm extensions in the early level as needed. You will control the smoothness of the transitions well by using a mirror.

Eyelashes usually grow in three levels

Gluing extensions to the lower level of the lashes will be made easier by the "Tapping Back" technique. The technique can be used for both classic and volume lashes. When the client has glued somewhere 50 - 60% of the lashes, take a micropore tape. Make sure the tape is not too sticky before sticking it to the lashes. Pat it on the previously disinfected palm. This way, you will be able to easily remove the tape later without the procedure being painful for the client. Place the strip horizontally under the tips of the extensions and pull back towards the eyelid. Voila! Below are the unglued lashes that grow in the lower level and are therefore harder to access. If you have raised the eyelid of the client too much, the glue can start to irritate the eyes. Therefore, always check with the mirror that the customer has their eyes closed. If this happens, lower the strap a little lower. This technique will make your work much easier and shorten the process of applying extensions.


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