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As a stylist for eyelash extensions, I answer the question daily: How long do extended eyelashes last or how long do they need to be renewed.

To make this question easier to understand, we must first understand what the life cycle of our natural lashes to which we glue extensions is. On the upper eyelid of one eye we grow from 90 - 120 lashes. We lose 2 to 5 lashes per day (say an average of 3). This means that we lose 21 lashes in one week, 42 ​​lashes in two weeks and 63 lashes in three weeks.

On the first visit, the stylist makes a complete set of extended lashes. Taking into account the above eyelash growth cycle, we lose more than half of our eyelashes by the third week. If we want beautiful and full lashes, then it is high time to visit the stylist again.

The natural cycle of eyelash growth depends on the individual and consists of three phases:

1.    The anagen phase is the eyelash growth phase; lasts from 1 - 2 months

2.    The catagen phase marks the end of eyelash growth;

3.    The telogen phase is the dormant phase; indicates complete cessation of eyelash growth; eyelash falls out.

For the lash in the dormant phase, the "young" lash grows in the anagen phase and replaces the dropped lash. The growth cycle of an individual eyelash is 60-90 days. This means that even the time when a customer needs renovation is not completely equal but depends on each individual. 

Of course, the durability of extended lashes does not depend only on the natural growth cycle of the lashes - a large part of the responsibility is taken over by the stylist and the "user". About this for the second time;)


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