0.05 Premade Fans 8D

0.05 Premade Fans 8D


Handmade ponytails consisting of 8 thin 0.05 mm thick lashes.


Eyelashes are available in C, CC and D curves. Currently, only Mix packs are available, and you can choose between short, medium and long. One box contains 200 ponytails.

Mix pack 7-10mm contains:

30 ponytails x 7 mm
50 ponytails x 8 mm
60 ponytails x 9 mm
60 ponytails x 10 mm

Mix pack 8-12mm contains:

20 ponytails x 8 mm
40 ponytails x 9 mm
50 ponytails x 10 mm
40 ponytails x 11 mm
40 ponytails x 12 mm

Mix pack 10-14mm contains:

30 ponytails x 10 mm
30 ponytails x 11 mm
50 ponytails x 12 mm
50 ponytails x 13 mm
40 ponytails x 14 mm

Eyelashes are made of the softest and blackest material on the market, and our manufacturer is aware of environmental concerns and production ethics. The lashes you get from us are ALWAYS synthetic and not made from real animal hair.

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