0.07 Premade Fans 5D

0.07 Premade Fans 5D

These lashes allow you to quickly and easily create the perfect volume. Pre-prepared volume brushes have a thin and medium-long base formed by 5 synthetic lashes 0.07 mm thick. The lashes form a tuft that would be said to be medium wide. Not too narrow and not too wide. The base of the brush is made with a small amount of glue.

1 box contains 16 rows with 20 tassels = 320 ponytails in a box. Enough for 1-2 new sets or 2-4 renovations.

C curve = Natural curve, not too weak and not too strong. Reminiscent of the CC curve of London Lash.

D curve = Slightly stronger curve than curve C, but not excessive. C and D can be mixed well in styling, where you want to further elevate parts of the eye.

The difference between the C and D curves is not so great (see figure).

MIx packaging: 8 - 11 mm

8 mm x 3 rows
9 mm x 3 rows
10 mm x 5 rows
11 mm x 5 rows

MIx packaging: 9 - 12 mm

9 mm x 3 rows
10 mm x 3 rows
11 mm x 5 rows
12 mm x 5 rows

MIx packaging: 10 - 15 mm

10 mm x 2 rows
11 mm x 2 rows
12 mm x 4 rows
13 mm x 4 rows
14 mm x 2 rows
15 mm x 2 rows


Some ponytails may be more perfect than others - all because they are handmade. The tufts are not firmly attached to the ribbon, however, we recommend that you hold the ribbon with one pair of tweezers and take the brush out of the ribbon with the other.

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