Brow Xenna care henna powder

Colorless eyebrow henna Brow Health Henna powder. 100% natural henna without impurities. Take care of the extra care of your eyebrows - we recommend that you perform the procedure once a week.

It restores and stimulates the growth of new hair and has a beneficial effect on the skin in the eyebrows.

After application, the hairs become stronger and the skin is more hydrated.

It is completely colorless and has a pleasant herbal scent.

It can be used before Brow Xenna eyebrow dyeing treatment, while the use of Brow Health Henne is not recommended immediately after treatment (it is recommended that 24 hours elapse after Brow Xenne application).

How to use

Brow Health Henno should be diluted with boiling water in a non-metallic container - dilute the contents of one sachet with one teaspoon of boiling water and mix thoroughly until you reach the consistency of sour cream. Wait for the Health henna temperature to drop to suitable for application to the skin.

Apply it to the skin with the help of brushes.

For best effect, it is recommended to apply to the entire eyebrow area to create the feeling of a thermal bath.

The mask should be on the eyebrows for 10 to 20 minutes, then rinse with plain water.