Brow Xenna 2-phase tonic 50ml

Brow Xenna Clean & Clear Solution

Two-phase henna rinse tonic (50 ml), BrowXenna®. BROWXENNA® Tonic gently removes dried layers of henna without removing hair and skin color. The soft composition and light moisturizing effect allow the tonic to properly complete the tinting process regardless of the complexity and skin type. The tonic effectively neutralizes the cleansing effect and restores the skin's natural ph-balance.

Ingredients: Sodium Chloride (0.9%), Containing 9g of active substance and distilled water, Hypertonic 10% Solution Containing 100g of active substance perfume composition "Tropical Duet Pineapple and Coconut".

Volume: 50 ml

Instructions for use:

Apply the required amount of lotion to the cleansing cloth. Then wipe the eyebrows gently and repeat the procedure if necessary.


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