Simplash Billie Bold lashes (14 ponytails)

SIMPLASH BILLIE BOLD - do we need to say anything more?

This unique box includes 14 Simplash ponytails. 7 eyeballs were calculated. We decided to include a lot of ponytails in the box so you can choose between a natural and more dramatic look. Most need 2-5 eyebrows. Which means you’ll have enough to make two new sets of lashes!

TOP TIP: If you want a natural look, opt for 10-12mm or use 14mm for a little more! 🖤

Billie exudes DRAMA - if you’re a woman who never has enough volume on your lashes, Billie Bold is the right choice for you! Billie Bold presents a perfect Russian look, which makes her one of the more popular collections of Simplash lashes.

Simplash is a revolution for everyone who would like to include eyelashes in make-up and want to emphasize their own eyes and face in a simple and modern way.

Billie's characteristics:

  • Handmade
  • Synthetic fibers (not of real hair)
  • Wide points for quick and easy application
  • Medium-thick volume base that still allows for easy application
  • It can be reused with good maintenance

We recommend that you check the FAQ - where you will get all the answers. HERE