London Lash Biocleaner 15ml

London Lash Biocleaner 15ml

We have created not just one, but two new eyelash cleansing liquids! A natural bio-cleanser made in Spain. You can choose between rosemary and lavender extract.

Rosemary bio-cleaner

This unique cleaner with rosemary extract combines the properties of all three - cleanser, primer and booster. Rosemary extract helps to further moisturize the lashes, so it is great for use in salons where there is not enough moisture in the room.

How to use it:

  • for faster work: apply a drop of Rosemary bio-cleaner on natural lashes, from root to tip.
  • to prevent the ponytails from closing: apply a small amount of cleanser over the base of the lashes on the strip.

Ingredients: ethyl alcohol, rosemary extract.

Lavender bio-cleaner

Cleaner with lavender extract, which combines the properties of a cleanser and a primer. Lavender extract does not moisturize natural lashes, so we recommend it for use in salons where a lot of moisture is present.

How to use it:

  • apply a drop of Lavander bio-cleaner on natural lashes, from root to tip.

Ingredients: ethyl alcohol, lavender extract.

Quantity: 15ml

Made in Spain