Simplash Daisy Day Master Collection

Simplash Daisy Day Master Collection! Now you can master your look with complete control and an abundance of lashes!

This unique box in gold color contains more than 50 pieces of Simplash lashes. How many you need for one eye is up to you - anything from 2 to 7 is normal! So you have enough lashes on this palette to make 5-20 new sets. With proper maintenance, lashes are created for multiple use!

This is currently our most natural, light and elegant type of Simplash lashes. You can use Daisy in everyday tasks as a light and natural look, or you can create more volume according to your wishes. Long lashes will obviously be more dramatic.

Simplash is a revolution for everyone who would like to include eyelashes in make-up and want to emphasize their own eyes and face in a simple and modern way.

Daisy features:

  • Handmade
  • Synthetic fibers (not of real hair)
  • Wide points for quick and easy application
  • Medium-thick volume base that still allows for easy application
  • It can be reused with good maintenance

We recommend that you check the FAQ - where you will get all the answers. HERE