Simplash Daisy Day Master Collection (59 ponytails)

(NEW) Get yourself a seductive look with a set of lashes in ponytails

Beautify your look and express your perfect taste with the perfect Simplash Daisy Day Master lashes! Meet revolutionary noveltyin our market - wonderful soft and durable lashes in different lengths they give you complete freedom of application and countless looks: from everyday to work to dramatic for the most beautiful moments in life.

A set of eyelash brushes for every day or special occasions

The Simplash Daisy Day Master set includes more than 50 pieces of false eyelashes, which you can apply as you wish, depending on your mood or occasion. Because the ponytails are small, they are much easier to apply, playing with the layout and desired lash density. Create!! For everyday use, 2 ponytails may be enough, while for a gala evening you may prefer to add up to 5 ponytails.

Just choose the length of your lashes and conjure up a look that will stop traffic

We are sure that Simplash Daisy Day Master will completely enchant you. We adore them for several reasons.

Because they are practical placed in a box, you can decide each day which ones to wear today.

Simplash lashes are exceptional lightweight, soft and durable, so they are the only logical choice for women who adore eyelashes and want to emphasize their eyes and face in a simple and modern way.

It’s in an elegantly designed gold box more than 50 lashes of different lengths, which you can combine with each other as you wish. You have at your disposal:

  • 8 mm ponytail
  • 10 mm ponytail
  • 12 mm ponytail
  • 14 mm ponytail
  • 16 mm ponytail

Za dramatic appearance you can place up to 5 16 mm long tufts on each eye, for everyday natural look you may like a few shorter ponytails. Whatever you decide, with Simplash Daisy Day Master false eyelashes your face will look more elegant, more feminine and accentuated.

Application? Really simple!

Eyelashes are easy to apply with glue Simply Strong in tweezersand application is much simpler as with conventional false eyelashes. Because you only apply small ponytails, you can be much more precise and the lash arch is more natural and denser.

Save time and money: these lashes are reusable

Why buy a new set of lashes every week when you can use the Simplash Daisy Day Master eyelash collection every day? When you get home, take them off, clean with makeup remover and put back in the box. The next day, your lashes will be ready to use again.

Take a look at the main benefits of Simplash Daisy Day Master lashes

  • are more flexible than classic artificial eyelashes in one piece (comic)
  • are handmade
  • they are made of synthetic fibers (not real hair)
  • wide points on the lower part allow quick and easy application
  • a medium-thick base for volume allows easy application
  • are reusable

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