Simplash Daisy Day lashes (14 ponytails)

Simplash Daisy Day

Simplash is with his with a revolutionary approach to the market of artificial eyelashes solutions for everyone who would like to easily include artificial eyelashes in their make-up routine.

Emphasize your eyes with practical eyelash extensions

This is our most at the moment natural, light and elegant type of Simplash lashes. You can use Daisy in everyday looks as a light and natural look, and you can create a larger volume according to your wishes. Long lashes will obviously be more dramatic and open your eyes.

This unique box includes 14 Simplash ponytails eyelashes that are of different lengths. We decided to include a lot of ponytails in the box so that you can choose between a natural and more dramatic look.

  • 4 x 10 mm eyelash brushes
  • 6 x 12 mm eyelash brushes
  • 4 x 14 mm eyelash brushes

EexperimentingJTE by emphasizing your eyes. Most users only need 2-5 eyebrows. Which means you’ll have enough to create two new sets of lashes and thus two completely different looks!

Tip: If you want a natural look, opt for 10-12mm or use 14mm for even more emphasis on your eyes.

Save time and money: These lashes are reusable 

Why buy a new set of lashes every week when you can use the Simplash eyelash collection every day? When you get home, take them off, clean with makeup remover and put back in the box. The next day, your lashes will be ready to use again.

Application? Really simple! 

Eyelashes are easy to apply with glue Simply Strong in tweezersand application is much simpler as with conventional false eyelashes. Because you only apply small ponytails, you can be much more precise and the lash arch is more natural and denser. Base oz. the point of the lashes is just right wide and long to make the lashes fit also for initials.

Take a look at the main benefits of Simplash lashesDaisy Day

  • are handmade
  • they are made of synthetic fibers (not real hair)
  • they have wide points or a base for quick and easy application and are therefore also suitable for initials
  • with good maintenance they can be reused in a set of 7 lashes for each eye and most users only use 2-5, so you will have enough ponytails for two new sets of lashes and two completely different looks.

We recommend that you check the FAQ - where you will get all the answers. Click >> HERE