Glamcor Flow

The most innovative product in the beauty industry has arrived. GLAMCOR FLOW is a modern fan dryer in one. It will divert the evaporation of toxic fumes and raise the air quality of your workspace. By removing strong fumes caused by eyelash glue, nail polish and other beauty products, FLOW is ideal for the nail and eyelash industry.

This beauty fan is attached to an adjustable arm and attaches to a table or bed. Thanks to three speeds, silence and flexibility, your work will run smoothly.

You can use it for nails and eyelashes. It will halve the drying time, cool the room and most importantly create a greater air flow, which will significantly reduce the vapors of adhesives and varnishes.

FLOW is compatible with other GLAMCOR products and can be converted into a stand-alone fan with stand, sold separately.


    One (1) year warranty. You can claim the warranty for all technical problems or. cessation of operations.

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