Glamcor Multimedia X Pro Content Kit (Gray)

Glamcor Multimedia X Pro Content Kit (Gray)

- every stylist's dream!

- With the help of the revolutionary Glamcor light, you will be able to take the best photos of your work.

- Universal phone holder allows you to easily attach your mobile phone

- Multimedia Extreme with Selfie function is the most technologically advanced Glamcor light on the market

- Adjustable light color, included remote control and all necessary accessories

- light color from 2700K to 5600K

- Bluetooth Selfie Function allows you to easily connect your mobile phone to the light

- You will be able to press the shutter button remotely with the remote control

Multimedia Extreme Kit contains:

(1) Multimedia Extreme light with adjustable "hands"

(1) Ultra light aluminum

(1) Power cord

(1) Transport bag

(1) Remote

(1) Universal mobile phone holder

(1) Universal camera holder

(1) Universal plate holder

(1) Universal mirror holder


One (1) year warranty. You can claim the warranty for all technical problems or. cessation of light operation.