Glamcor Paris Plus

PARIS LIGHTS PLUS is a pair of portable LED light bars with five levels of illumination. The bars rotate 180 ° to create unique lighting angles - vertically or horizontally.

The PARIS LIGHTS PLUS, popular with photographers and cameramen, is extremely thin and light, making it easy to travel in a compact travel bag. With PARIS LIGHTS PLUS, you never have to compensate again between quality studio lights and quick and easy installation.

Ideal for:
• Photographers
• TV productions
• Artists for body paintings

The set contains:

• Two 92cm long LED sticks
• 288 special led lights (color 5600K)
• Voltage (100-240AC)
• Remote control and 5 levels of illumination
• Two separate stands
• LED rods can rotate in all axes


One (1) year warranty. You can claim the warranty for all technical problems or. cessation of operations.

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