London Lash Glue Shaker / Mixer

London Lash Glue Shaker / Mixer

Problems with durability? One of the problems for the situation can also be the uneven consistency of the ingredients in the glue. To avoid this, it is very important how we mix the glue. And with the Glue Mixer, the old habit of shaking glue in your hand will be a thing of the past! It is also suitable for cleaning make-up brushes.

What's more super?

  • No more problems with wrist pain
  • 5-10 seconds of mixing compared to 1-2 minutes of hand shaking!
  • Mix more evenly
  • Bottle caps are a thing of the past!
  • You will work even more professionally!

How to use:

  • Insert the glue cap into the nozzle (see video)
  • Place the mixer vertically - so that the glue is placed upright
  • Press the start button and let it run for 5-15 seconds
  • Gently remove the glue from the attachment

You need 2xAAA batteries, which are not included, to work.


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