InLei® Kit Tinting set "Brow Tinting set"

New complete "BROW TINTING SET" for coloring eyelashes and natural eyebrows. Manufactured with high technology in Italy, it gives the ideal color for eyebrows and eyelashes anytime, in any situation. From the moment of waking up to sleep, in the office and during sports. Even with a clean face. 

100% Made in Italy
Contains argan oil
For professional use only

InLei® colors stay on eyelash and eyebrow hair for up to 6-8 weeks. Use the shade with its own oxidizer InLei® DEVELOPER CREAM 1,5% 5 vol., To get a creamy and surrounding consistency. The InLei® paint line is also specially designed for use with InLei® "LASH FILLER" and InLei® "BROW BOMBER" treatment.

The package contains:

1x color "SHINY BLACK" 15ml
1x color "BLUE NIGHT" 15ml
1x color "BROWN" 15ml
1x color "LIGHT BROWN" 15ml
1x color "CAPPUCCINO" 15ml
1x color "CHESTNUT" 15ml
1x color "SILVER" 15ml
1x color "RED" 15ml
1x eyebrow whitener "SUNSHINE" 15ml
1x DEVELOPER CREAM “1,5% 5 vol.- oxidant cream for shade 100ml
1x "SALINE PRETREATMENT" - degreasing saline 100ml
1x paint remover "PRO TINT REMOVER" is an effective solution for removing blemishes from eyebrows and delicate facial skin
1x professional brush "LEONARDO" with oblique cut
1x container "SOLO" for solutions or painting
1x color catalog “COLOR CHART” - color card + mixtures


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