InLei® "ONE" - Silicone pads (size M1)

InLei® "ONE" - Silicone pads M1

- "natural curl" pads with which you will create a natural curvature

- The size of the M1 "natural curl" version was specially designed for medium short lashes

- Helps create a clean and well-aligned bow

- Curvature is more focused on the central part of the lashes

- PLATINUM silicone (one of a kind), autoclavable (suitable for use in a sterilizer)

- InLei® silicone pads are hypoallergenic, unique and boast 8 different shapes

InLei® silicone pads do not deform, are resistant, soft, smooth and enveloping

- The shape of the silicone pads adapts perfectly to the eye, does not irritate customers and does not give them a feeling of weight

Quantity: 6 pairs of silicone pads in one box

For professional use only!
Warnings : Store in the original package, in a dry place away from direct sunlight. Keep out of reach of children.
Ingredients: 100% platinum silicone

Made in Italy