InLei® Lower Eyelash Insulation Patches (20 Pairs)

High quality soft patches to insulate the lower lashes during eyelash extensions and lamination. They contain Aloe Vera and vitamin C, which release a pleasant feeling of freshness on the client's skin.

  • For one-time use
  • Suitable for any eye shape> Soft and thin layer of hydrogel> Plastic coated surface
  • Perfect grip
  • Fiber free
  • Each package contains 20 pairs

Soft white professional patches that allow eyelash stylists to work extremely precisely. Due to their comfortable and ergonomic shape, they are perfect for any eye shape, and their incredible softness also makes them suitable for clients with very sensitive skin. Aloe Vera extract and vitamin C help soothe the area around the eyes and refresh the skin during work.
After the treatment - if you want to pamper the client further, we recommend that you remove the patches and apply a small amount InLei® MiAmi creams, which will relax the skin around the eyes and give an even more radiant effect.

Made in China

Ingredients: Hydrogel, Glycerol, Aloe Extract, Vitamin C.

For professional use only