InLei® "WAXY" professional wax heater

Professional wax heater with lid, adjustable temperature and smart thermostat.

  • Reliable, comfortable and compact.

  • Small size, perfect for eyebrow shaping needs.

  • Removable aluminum pan with inner handle included in the package.

  • Pot diameter: 78 mm; Volume: 200 ml

  • A green light to indicate that the temperature has been reached

  • Intelligent thermostat that maintains the set temperature

  • It can be used with all different brands and types of waxes

Detailed description:

The InLei® wax heater is made of heat-resistant ABS plastic and operates at 40W. The power cable is 1,50 m long and ends with a Schuko connection.

The smaller size of the heater ensures faster and easier work with a smaller amount of wax. We recommend use in combination with InLei wax.

The lid, however, ensures that the wax retains heat and heats up faster. The wax heater operates in the temperature range of 30° C to 125° C. The red light indicates the operation of the heater, and the green light illuminates when the wax reaches the selected temperature. The smart thermostat maintains the temperature at all times.

The aluminum container has a diameter of 78mm and a capacity of 200ml.

For better maintenance of the heater, we recommend constant use InLei protective rings for wax heaters. This will significantly extend the life of your wax heater.

In the package you get:

1 x wax heater
1 x cover
1 x aluminum container
1 x container removal tool
1 x instructions for use

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