Glue London Lash Royal Bond 5 ml

London Lash Royal Bond 5ml

Application: Very experienced stylists
Temperature: 18-22 °C (77°F)
Humidity: 30-80%
Drying time: 0.5-1 seconds
Consistency: liquid (watery)

Are you tired of using different types of adhesives in changing humidity conditions in the room?

Are you an experienced stylist looking for an adhesive that works in a wide range of humidity? At the same time, will sustainability impress you and your customers?

Then the new Royal Bond glue will be perfect for you.

It dries very quickly (0.5 - 1 second) and at the same time works in the humidity range of 30 - 80%.

We recommend at least 3 years of work experience to use Royal Bond. Its more sparse composition will allow you to capture just the right amount of glue.

  • It does not contain formaldehyde
  • Waterproof
  • Oil resistant
  • It forms a strong, flexible bond
  • Super durability

Please consider:

Improper application with fast-drying adhesive can result in poor durability

High temperature AND / OR high humidity causes the adhesive to dry even faster, which can lead to poorer durability.

In cases where you notice that your durability is not good:

  1. Replace the adhesive with a slower drying (Lady Bond, Velvet)
  2. Make sure you clean your natural lashes properly before the treatment - we recommend using OR London Lash Foam Cleanser (Rinse well with water before starting eyelash extension treatment) OR Protein pads 2in1 (remove the rest of the make-up) IN COMBINATION WITH Cleanser (remove oils) TER I compare (neutralizes PH level and hydrates)

WARNING: For professional use only! Keep out of reach of children. For external use only. The product glues the skin and eyes in a few seconds. Avoid direct contact with eyes, mouth and skin. Not suitable for sensitive eyes / for self-application / application with open eyes! Keep away from direct sunlight.

Ingredients: Ethyl Cyanoacrylate, Poly (methyl methylacrylate), Carbon Black.

Volume: 5 ml

Made in Japan.

It is used by the best stylists in the world.

London Lash material is intended for sale to certified stylists and beauty salons.

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