Glue London Lash sample (2 ml)

London Lash glue sample (2 ml)

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- Find out which glue suits you best

- Samples are available for:

  • London Lash Royal bond - (drying time 0.5 - 1 second) It has a liquid structure, dries very quickly - suitable for really experienced stylists. 
  • London Lash Lady Bond - Best Selling London Lash Glue! It is suitable for both the classical 1on1 method as well as the Russian volume. Drying time 1 - 2 seconds. 
  • London Lash Flexie - an adhesive that will work great in extreme conditions. Drying time: 1 second in most conditions.
  • London Lash Crystal Bond - a colorless glue that is especially suitable for use in sets with colored lashes. Drying time 1-2 seconds.
  • London Lash Satin Bond - glue, suitable for beginners and more experienced stylists. Medium dense consistency. Drying time 2 seconds.


A sample is available for use 7 days after opening.

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