London Lash tweezers stand

Do you happen to constantly forget where you put the tweezers, or do the tweezers even ever fall to the floor?

Are you a perfectionist and want to have the most organized workspace possible?

At first glance, the tweezers stand is the simplest solution to the above-mentioned problems, but in reality it is much more than that. In addition to protecting and storing tweezers, it also allows us a more tidy and elegant workspace and expresses professionalism. A clean and well-arranged work corner encourages creativity, and at the same time you will save time by looking for tweezers.

  • It completely protects the tweezers from all accidental damage and environmental factors
  • It ensures that your tweezers are always in one place
  • Black, elegant design
  • Includes 8 empty tweezers slots
  • Suitable for all London Lash tweezers
  • Dimensions: 17,6 x 4 x 15 cm

Note: When storing tweezers in the tweezers holder, it is very important that they are clean and completely dry. This will avoid rusting, discoloration or other stains.

Important: Tweezers are not included!