London Lash artificial training head with lash in layers - Mannequin Training head

London Lash mannequin training head in several layers - Mannequin Training head

A great choice for all beginners who are just getting to know eyelash extensions. Dolls are a real hit among exercise aids, as they are the first to have lashes glued in multiple lines. Therefore, they are also the best choice for more experienced stylists who want to upgrade their knowledge and try out new eyelash extension styling.

Do you want to improve your knowledge without the help of a friend? Are you tired of the always detached lashes strips for exercise that do not mimic the practical work in the salon?

Our exercise doll gives you a great opportunity to practice eyelash extensions. You have probably already met puppets in an eyelash extension course, and you can upgrade the acquired knowledge with an exercise at home. You can practice the 1: 1 technique and volume extension and try out different styling effects. By practicing on a doll, you can hone your technique well before you start working with the right clients, so that you will be more confident and faster while creating in the salon.

And the biggest advantage of the new doll? The lashes perfectly mimic the growth of natural lashes, as unlike other exercise aids, they are placed in three layers. Therefore, they are also a great choice for exercise for experienced stylists who want to create the most demanding sets of eyelashes.

  • Multiple layers of lashes that perfectly mimic natural lashes
  • It creates a “real” exercise environment
  • Great for practicing natural eyelash insulation
  • Practice eyelash extensions in multiple layers
  • Recommended for any eyelash extension academy to offer students an extra practical part before working with the right models

How to use:

  1. Install patches as during regular treatment.
  2. Degrease synthetic lashes with micro brush in eyelash cleanser.
  3. Get to work.

To reuse the doll's head, simply apply adhesive remover on the kit and gently remove the extensions. Carefully clean your lashes and your head is ready to use again!

Product details:

  • Available in 2 colors: light and medium dark.
  • Reusable.

Add ours to the cart eyelashes for training / exercise, glue sample, eye patches and you have everything you need to exercise late into the night. We believe you will succeed!