London Lash Magnetic Pallet Organizer

Introducing the London Lash Pallet Organizer, the latest addition to trolley organization!

Pallet organizer is a smart and elegant solution for storing pallets.
  • Elegant box with removable magnetic cover helps you store and protect eyelash palettes from dust, dirt and bacteria
  • Easy, simplified pallet storage
  • It contains 6 pallets - arrange the lashes according to the curve, thickness or even according to the customers!
  • Made of high quality, high quality acrylic
  • Easy to clean and without discoloration over time
  • Available in two sizes: small and large
  • Small organizer: 7,2cm (W) x 13,5cm (L) x 16,8cm (H) (pallet size: 15x6 cm)
  • Large organizer: 14,1cm (W) x 13,6cm (L) x17cm (H) (pallet size: 15x13 cm)
  • Available in black and white colors to match any decor

It matches our best sellers pallets London Lash!

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