London Lash Mega Mayfair Eyelash Volume 0.05

London Lash Mega Mayfair Eyelash Volume 0.05

Mega volume lashes thickness 0.05 are soft and light. You will easily create a dramatic look.

The hand-tested and selected fibers ensure that the lashes open practically on their own, and at the same time they are resistant to bending. Great product for very experienced lash stylists who are used to working with 6D brushes and more.

London Lash chooses only the best. Eyelashes are made of top quality materials. Strict quality control is ensured during production. High temperatures provide adequate curvature, making them resistant to water and heat.

They are considered to be one of the most popular lashes in Slovenia and Croatia!

  • Vegan
  • They do not contain latex
  • They have not been tested on animals
  • They do not contain formaldehyde

All lashes are made of 100% synthetic fibers.

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