London Lash 4D Premade Fans 0.07 (C / CC / D)

How to increase profits and shorten working hours?

Our perfect, high-quality pre-made ponytails will allow you to fulfill your customers ’dreams of beautiful, full lashes in half the time. Why waste time and effort making perfect ponytails if we have already prepared them for you. All you have to do is dip the brush into a drop of glue and apply it to your natural lashes.

Time is money - stylists know this very well. Did you know that your customers are willing to pay more if they finish with you in less time. The effect will be the same or. even better. Pre-made ponytails will save time for both you and your customers.

Have you ever noticed that clients with oily skin come to restorations with closed ponytails? This is not possible with pre-made brushes. They are heat treated and it is not possible to close them back!

  • Available in C, CC and D curves
  • Eyelash thickness 0.07
  • MIX in Single size packaging
  • Different types: 3D.4D 5D, 6D
  • 420 ponytails in a box (for 2 customers)