PVC bedspread for cosmetic beds

Make sure your work area looks clean and professional with a PVC cover / bed protection.

Perfect for busy salons, it can be easily cleaned for multiple use.

The PVC coating is easy to care for and maintain during treatments, which helps maintain hygiene standards and prevents accidents from damaging your cosmetic table in the long run.


- Transparent protective pvc cover for cosmetic bed

- Easy to clean. Save time by spraying it with antibacterial cleaners and simply wiping it off.

Color: transparent

Material: PVC

Sizes: 90x180cm - Suitable for standard cosmetic beds


Wrinkles on the PVC bed cover occur due to the fact that the product is long rolled into a bag.Here are some recommendations on how to straighten wrinkles:

1. Cover the bed with PVC and heat it gently with a hair dryer (make sure you move the hair dryer up and down at a medium speed, DO NOT use too much heat and do not heat for too long in one place).
2. Use the iron on the low temperature setting and place a piece of fabric over the PVC cover. ** Recommended only as a last resort, as the product can be damaged and melt if not done carefully **

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